The CLAYS began building in the 1800's, starting with John Henry Clay.


We look forward to building you a house, to make your home!                         

The man to the left of the picture is John Henry Clay, a well known and respected builder from the community of Ashland, Kansas. John Henry Clay was responsible for building hundreds of homes during his career, and his keen ability to decipher numbers made him a successful businessman. His legacy lives on - carried by his great, great-grandson Vance "Keegan" Clay. Hundreds of years of skilled craftsmanship, work ethic, and family values have been passed from fathers to sons so that Clay Custom Homes can carry on the legacy.

General Contractor & CEO

Vance "Keegan" Clay.

Keegan started a business with a vision of building custom, affordable homes for all of New Mexico. Keegan's combined degree in Finance from the University of New Mexico (Anderson School of Business) and his hands-on building experience catapulted Clay Custom Homes into a class of its own. Clay Custom Homes offers a compilation of construction services ranging from high end to affordable home building solutions.